Head, Heart, and Gut

Understanding oneself is a critical talent for success in life: how you think, why you act the way you do, and what makes you happy or sad. A strong sense of self-awareness is a driving force behind living a fulfilled life.

Because everyone has a unique work style, self-awareness is equally crucial in the workplace. It is critical to recognize and comprehend your work style if you want to enhance your pleasure, productivity, and fulfillment at work.

This blog briefly touches upon the importance of being synchronized with your head, heart, and gut. If all three are cohesive with a life decision you are about to make, that is when you know you are unstoppable.

You may ask, why is it necessary to ensure all three are in harmony. Well, each plays a role in providing you with the qualities necessary to excel in your life goals and make the best decisions.

The Head- Analytics

The head is all about making logical decisions. They are objective, emphasizing competence and efficacy over emotions and subjective feelings. It allows you to be effective, exact, and efficient in your work. However, as humans, we also have a sentimental attachment to what we do in our lives. Hence, making decisions based solely on logic and convenience may not always be the right way to go!

The Heart- Emotions

It is necessary to understand any personal and emotional implications of a decision you make, be it regarding a career path, a family problem, or simply getting a pet animal. A good life decision involves collaboration and inclusivity as priorities. You may not reach very far if you ride on your desires and wants to get to your goal. Understanding how your actions may affect those around you is a key attribute of a selfless rise to success.

The Gut- Intuition

You may have heard the saying ‘trust your gut’. Well, your gut may enable you to reach a solid conclusion when your head and heart are unable to. It encourages you to be innovative, take risks, and showcase creative ways to be successful in what you believe in. Trusting your gut can convince your heart and your head to be on the same page- but your gut can also be wrong at times!

Take the leap of faith- but reassess as well!

There is no such thing as an always right or always wrong domain. Our hearts and brains have a dynamic relationship and can both inform and disagree with one another. When it comes to making judgments or deciding on a course of action, the gut instinct is often the deciding factor. The crucial thing is to pay attention to all three ways of producing sense to determine where their domains agree and where they disagree.

Sometimes you are meant to take risks, but you must also acknowledge when and why something doesn’t feel right about a worthy goal or life decision.

Trusting your instincts can save you from walking on the wrong roads!

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