Chasing Goodness: Top 5 Ultimate Ways to The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness seems like a vague concept. It is not what we have or be rewarded, but it is how we think, feel and deal with our surrounding environment. This is where the ultimate guide for the pursuit of happiness comes in.

“Let the man who desires the flower, love also the stem through which it blooms.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery. At least once in our lives, we have asked ourselves if there was a way to reach a state of constant happiness.  


Optimism is the belief that good things will happen to you. It’s about playing the long game, taking an expansive view of possibilities, and believing you can shape your destiny. Optimists are resilient in the face of difficulty, persistent when the odds are against them, and more likely to do something extraordinary even if it means taking a risk.

Optimism is the subconscious decision you make every morning about whether or not to invest in your day. You decide whether to expect good or bad events to occur based on the amount of positivity you have in your awareness. Optimism has been shown to improve overall health, increase happiness, and even improve performance at work.

Sense of Purpose

A sense of purpose is a sense of being called to a higher purpose, a natural disposition or innate talent or temperament, or an innate disposition.                                        

There is a reason why we need personal and professional development, and that is to find purpose in life. When we find purpose in our lives, we’ll know when what we’re doing is right.

propel us forward in life and give us hope in doing things. Without it, we’ll question our existence, and this will lead to depression and anxiety.

Focus on Your Relationships

Relationships have a way of not only making you a happier person but also giving you a sense of purpose. It’s through these relationships that we find the most joy and yet most often fall short when it comes to nurturing them. If you find yourself in a rut or just in need of good company, here are five ways to spend your time with others in a healthy, meaningful way.

Become Goal-Oriented

Being goal-oriented is one of the best tricks to reaching success in life. While this statement seems obvious, most people do not practice it in their daily lives. They remain stuck in a rut of negative thinking, they are easily influenced by outside factors, they are afraid of failure, and they are pessimistic about long-term goals. It is quite possible to change this mindset, but it requires work.

Focus on Your Relationships

When you are skilled at maintaining your interest in things, you will be more engaged in what you do. Engaging yourself is one of the most important skills to master if you want to become effective at any pursuit or goal.

Being always busy influences not only your productivity but also your happiness. You can work on some extra activities or go for additional skills to improve your productivity, but it is important how you do these activities to stay productive and be happy with your results.


Every day in our lives, we make hundreds of decisions before we wake up, millions during the day, and a million more in the evening. We decide what clothes to wear, how to treat people, where to go and what to do when we get there. Some of these decisions are made in a split second; some require an hour or two of thought. In all cases, they add up to create our life experiences. None of us may ever figure out the right decision in every situation, but if we could find a way to make decisions that lead to positive results consistently, our lives would be easy. Each person is responsible for their wellness.