Henry Allen


About Mr. Allen​

Mr. Henry Allen is a native of Trenton, New Jersey who is heavily involved in the betterment of community activities and improvement for East Trenton Neighborhoods. He retired as a shop steward after working for 40 years in the manufacturing industry. As the senior shop steward, he was the conduit between organized labor and management. Mr. Allen effectively and successfully facilitated concerns and requirements up and down the management chain. He was recognized for his fairness, timeliness in meeting deadlines, and professionalism. As a result of his ability to work well with others, he received recognition and laudatory comments both from upper level management and organized labor; he personifies the slogan “Trenton Makes The World Takes.”

Mr. Allen is a Vietnam Era veteran and served in an Artillery Unit, United States Army; it was during his military time where he learned the importance of team.  For 30+ years he has been actively engaged in supporting religious and community activities that promote training, coaching, and mentoring adolescence in pursuit of higher education. An avid cyclist and automobile enthusiast, Mr. Allen encourages and seeks out neighborhood involvement to help promote adolescence involvement whether it be in sports or auto mechanics.