N.H. "Rush" Rushdan


Naji “Rush” Rushdan

Biographical information

A native of Trenton, New Jersey, Mr. Rushdan embodies a blue-collar work ethic that he learned from his father for his strong work ethic and credited his mother for his sense of adventure.  He personifies the slogan “Trenton Makes The World Takes.”

Mr. Rushdan is the Founder and CEO of Land On Your Feet (LOYF) Inc.  He created and established LOYF to train, coach, and mentor individuals and groups for professional and personal development and raise money to assist schools in underprivileged low-income communities with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curricula.   

After serving 40 years (35 years in Germany) with the United States Army and the U.S. Department of the Army in Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Communities, during his time serving, he developed the concepts for LOYF after working with and supporting a myriad of Military Personnel, Contractors, and Civilians while working in key positions and assignments.

Assignments Included: Division Chief, Intelligence Support Division, for Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe, Chief of Operations for Headquarters, 66th Military Intelligence Brigade, Chief, Collection Management and Dissemination Section, U.S. Army Europe Analysis and Control Element, Operations Officer, Directorate for Investigations, 66th Military Intelligence Group, and Chief, Personnel Security Investigations Case-Control Office, U.S. Army Europe.

Honors and Awards Included: The Pasco Notables Awards, The Austrian’s Officers Association Knight’s Cross Medal, Superior Civilian Service Award, Two-Superior Civilian Service Award, Two-Commander’s Award for Civilian Service, Achievement Medal for Civilian Service, and The Military Intelligence Corps Knowlton Award.

Civilian and Military Education Included: Central Texas College, How the Army Runs Army Management Staff College, Army Management Staff College Advance Course, National Senior Intelligence Officer Course, Counterintelligence Officer Course, Professional Development for Executives, Organizational Leadership for Executives, Leadership, Education and Development Facilitator’s Certification Course.

 “Land on your feet (LOYF)” is a concept that I’ve been thinking about for years. It means, “regardless of your situation; you can always land on your feet,” when you know what “right looks like” in your mind’s eye.

Part of LOYF focuses on a compilation of life lessons I learned after serving 40 years with the Department of Army: 30 of which was in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Throughout that time, I had key developmental jobs at three different echelons and had been Special Advisor to senior leaders whom I consulted weekly on mission priorities, operational u, and personnel. While in these positions, I learned and developed different strategies and courses of action to solve many problems. Moreover, I gained an in-depth understanding, knowledge, and experience in facilitating and supporting a Military Force. My background and experience can be applied to any organizational structure. 

The lessons learned throughout my career aided me –my mentees and protégés- greatly in navigating a maze of challenging personal and professional situations. Moreover, I have observed the absence of direction and focus on some of our youth and recognize the need to provide tools they can use as they mature into adolescence and adulthood. I have successfully trained, coached, and mentored dozens of Soldiers, Department of Defense Civilians, and Contractors in their personal and professional development throughout my career. As a parent, I co-raised four daughters in a foreign country to be solid citizens using some tools (e.g. effective listening) in my toolbox. The lessons learned do not guarantee success, but they add introspective tools to an otherwise sparse toolbox.

Having been a trainer, coach, and mentor for most of my entire career, I am now retired; I have time to do what I want to do. That is being instrumental in influencing positive change wherever and whenever I can. For years, colleagues, mentees, protégés, and friends have encouraged me to capture my life lessons in a Memoir; however, I do not think a Memoir is the right vehicle to get my message across to today’s youth.

Pasco Notables - Award