Marlon Addison

Team Building Consultant

Senior Sales & Marketing Leader

About Mr. Addison​

Family 1st oriented Sales and Marketing Leader who thrives on the interdependency between Sales and
Data Analytics. Over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare arena but drawn to Sales, Marketing and Education all while building and steadying relationships. Call him the “Sales Whisperer.” Proud husband, father of three and lifelong NJ resident.
Marlon also takes gratification in that 80% of his direct reports went on to become Senior Team Leaders, Senior Account Managers as well as Senior Sales Executives. His skillset focuses on what your unique strengths are to distinctively solve for company problems and client dissatisfaction—that is where opportunities are found. Marlon pushes his team to listen for the things that they are complimented on the most; he asks, “what comes easy to and for you? Those things are your superpowers.” Strategic and intentional, he thrives when mentoring both inside and outside of his company. He contends serving the local community is just as important as tackling internal goals.
Marlon has presented to Universities, Affinity groups, and Corporate Management events on Sales Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Filling emotional buckets is an oxy moron as it is immeasurable. Any Sales process worth its salt is at least 3 things: 1) Repeatable 2) Trackable and 3) Reportable (captures, trends and dashboards). Marlon’s key focuses are on People, Performance and Products, in that order. CLV, or Customer Lifetime Value, is one of Marlon’s critical areas of expertise: Average Sales, number of repeat sales, expected retention rate and profit margin drive his thought and management process. Marlon is also known for ‘standing up’ new internal divisions and for process redesigns. He has run the Sales gamut and has lead various Sales & Marketing areas: Individual, Medicare & Medicaid, Small Group, Midsize, Public as well as National. Marlon has had a hand in it all including the overall Training process and has brought in as well as saved companies millions of dollars.
​Marlon attained his undergraduate degree in English and Political Science from Felician University and
his Executive Master of Science in Sales Leadership from William Paterson University (the first of its kind in the US). Marlon has his Accident & Health License, is Greenbelt certified, has his PAHM, sits on the Advisory Board for William Paterson University, as well as the Parent Association Executive Committee of Doane Academy in Burlington, NJ.