Charity ​Testimonials

All donations received are distributed directly to elementary school teachers/classrooms that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), health and welfare of students.

LOYF gave away five $1000 Scholarships to college bound high school seniors!

LOYF is more than a foundation – its a passion.

MacFarlane Park Magnet School Tampa, FL USA

Thank you for inspiring and empowering your students to achieve more every day. We're honored to match this donation for your classroom to help educators like you unlock...

Robbins Elementary School Trenton, NJ USA

Thank you so much for your generous donation. I was able to give away so many chrome books to so many students in need. Now they can go on the computer to type, research...

Wayne High School Wayne, WV USA

"Thank you for donating to my classroom. It’s very much appreciated."

Grace A. Dunn Middle School Trenton, NJ USA

Wow, you are reaching out from across the Atlantic Ocean. Well wherever you are you are making a profound difference for my students and classroom. Thank you for your generosity. Peace...

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