Charity ​Testimonials

All donations received are distributed directly to elementary school teachers/classrooms that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), health and welfare of students.

LOYF gave away five $1000 Scholarships to college bound high school seniors!

LOYF is more than a foundation – its a passion.

Midwest Central Primary School Manito IL USA

"Thank you so much for your help! My students will greatly benefit from these items. As a teacher in a low income, rural district in Illinois, this is a huge help that will no doubt have an...

Northeast High School St. Petersburg FL USA

"Wow. Thank you for making our classroom dreams a reality. The students are going to be in awe when they find out donors such as yourselves believe in meeting their needs. The full steam...

Ayer Elementary School Fresno, CA

"There are not words enough to express my gratitude for the kindness and generosity you have given through your donations to my students. The rolling easel will be placed in...

Northeast High School St. Petersburg FL USA

"Thank you so much for donating to the success of our project. I am humbled and the kids will greatly appreciate it."

Amelia L Johnson High School Thomaston, AL USA

Thanks for your generous donations. The students are so excited about beginning a band again at our school. Music education can have a powerful impact on our student's...

Redshaw Elementary School New Brunswick, NJ USA

"Thank you for your support! Looking forward to a successful school year filled with curiosity and exploration!!”

Tampa Bay Blvd. Elementary Tampa, FL USA

Ms. !@#$ and her students are about to get a special delivery, thanks to your support for their classroom project: Hands-on STEM Activities.

Riletta T Cream Family School Camden, NJ USA

"Yes, with these supplies my students can and will "Dare to be great!" Thank you so much for your generous donation, and for being a partner in educating children. #IttakesaVillage"

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